DIYs were suggested!

After a quick hunt, a lot seemed to be “build your own rack,” or “build your own rack.” Oh. So I refined my search and found this nifty how-to for ordinary household items (providing you eat eggs and have a drainage flower pot bowl thing and use paper towels). 


  • Polystyrene ~ sheets or recycled from packages
  • Tile Grouting ~ I prefer using the powdered grouting and mixing it myself
  • PVA glue
  • Hard as Nails glue or similar ~ for glueing pieces together firmly
  • Cocktail sticks ~ ideal for holding pieces together until glue has dried
  • Assorted water-based, child-friendly/non-toxic paints
  • Sand
  • Assorted kitchen roll tubes, toilet roll tubes, cardboard egg-box lids, flower-pot saucers
  • Grease-proof or Waxed paper
  • Assorted cheap paintbrushes


1. Standing projects on grease-proof or waxed paper not only protects surfaces from wet grouting and paint but also when standing wet grouted surfaces on it helps provide a nice flat bottom for hides and cliffs as it peels off easily so minimising ‘wobble’.
2. Wearing thin latex or plastic gloves protects hands.
3. When mixing the grout I mix one part PVA to three parts water and then gradually add the grout until it reaches the consistency wanted ~ a runnier mix and several layers is better then just a few thick layers …. slowly build up the thickness’s.
4. When using plastic, roughen all surfaces first using either wirewool or sanding paper before painting with a layer of pva ~ this helps key the surface and prepare it for the grouting mix enabling a better ‘fix’.
5. With polystyrene paint all surfaces with pva and allow to dry before starting with the grouting mix.
6. Make sure that all polystyrene or cardboard is completely grouted and covered as crickets and mealworms have been known to hide in any nooks or crannies they want.

Here is the entire DIY page to refer to. If you make any, I’d love to see what you come up with. Have an idea that could refine and improve this DIY? Let me know!

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